Wagyu Tri-Tip 500g

1x 500g Wagyu Tri-Tip
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1x 500g Wagyu Tri-Tip

Location of Cut: Wagyu Tri-Tip is a small triangular shaped cut taken from the hind section of the sirloin, which is situated near the cow's hindquarter. 

Texture and FlavourThe Tri-Tip is known for it's rich flavour and tender texture. It has a good balance of fat and lean meat, which contributes to its juiciness and taste.

Cooking Methods: This cut is very versatile - cook it low and slow for a delicious roast or grill on the BBQ. We recommend medium-rare to maintain tenderness. You can also cure the Tri-Tip to create delicious Wagyu Pastrami, pair with Angus and Oink Rub found in our pantry.