What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is a Japanese breed of Cattle where the ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘Gyu’ means cow. Wagyu cattle were selected for their physical endurance which favoured animals with more intramuscular fat cells or ‘marbling’.

The breed was confined to Japan until the 1970’s since it was regarded a national treasure and protected by export from the Japanese government. The first bloodlines of Wagyu beef came out of Japan to America in the 1970’s with Australia following in the 1990’s. The breed is now readily available all over the world.

In Japan, there are a number of bloodlines, the most favoured are Tajima for producing the best quality beef. ‘Kobe’ beef is a famous type of Wagyu, this is from the ‘Kobe’ prefecture and uses the Tajima bloodline.

Across the World as well as in Japan, Fullblood Wagyu are produced when the father and mother 100% Wagyu content. Most Wagyu cattle around the world are produced as a cross, in Japan the favoured first cross breed is with a dairy animal, this is known as an ‘F1 Wagyu’ where it is 50% or more Wagyu content. F1 Wagyu can be produced by crossing with any non-Wagyu breed.

At Warrendale Wagyu we predominantly produce an F1 Wagyu with a Holstein cow using our Fullblood Bull genetics from Australia.

Environment and animal welfare

We produce our Wagyu beef from a dairy cow which means it has a lower environmental footprint than traditional beef. Calves from dairy cows have sometimes been viewed as a ‘by-product’, with the focus on milk production. However, we work with our dairy farmers to give a purpose for these Wagyu cross calves and ensure they are reared and cared for through our system.

Our cattle are slow growing on grass for around 2 years, usually in areas of the UK that can’t grow other crops effectively. Therefore, this grass is removing carbon from the atmosphere for our cattle to then graze and convert into great beef. We then finish the cattle on a grain and forage mixed diet. We use grains and crops available to them, usually grown on their own farms our sourced locally. We don’t use any soya in our cattle diets.

We process our animals at an industry leading facility that takes animal welfare as a priority. Our meat is chilled down and aged to ensure that it will always deliver the best eating experience.

Where to buy

If you are looking to purchase or even just try Warrendale Wagyu British Beef so far, we supply the below restaurants and butchers in the United Kingdom and this is ever expanding.


The Gunmakers

13 Eyre St Hill, Holborn, London EC1R 5ET


30 St Cross St, Holborn, London EC1N 8UH

Tokyo Pizza

47 Maida Vale, Little Venice, London W9 1SD

Pennyhill Park

London Rd, Bagshot GU19 5EU

Fine Food Specialist


Bevans Butchers



Penny Blue

20-34 Warwick Rd, Carlisle CA1 1AB

Hidden River Café

Brackenhill, Longtown, Carlisle CA6 5TU

East Yorkshire

Tickton Grange

Main St, Beverley HU17 9SH

Butler Whites

2-3 Humber Street, Hull HU1 1TG

Star at Sancton

The Star Inn, King Street, Sancton, York YO43 4QP

Westwood Restaurant

New Walk, Beverley HU17 7AE

The Old House by Shoot the bull

5 Scale Lane, Hull HU1 1LA

Shoot the Bull Rotisserie and Grill ATOM (Hull)

Atom Brewing Co. Ye Olde Corn Exchange, North Church Side, Hull HU1 1RP


W Archer and Sons

99 Queens Rd, Leicester LE2 1TT



Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE

The Ivy Manchester

The Ivy Spinningfields, The Pavilion, Byrom Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3HG

Solita NQ by Shoot the Bull

Turner Street, Manchester M4 1DW

Solita Didsbury by Shoot the Bull

School Lane, Didsbury M20 6RD

The Ivy Asia

The Pavilion, Byrom St, Manchester M3 3HG

Edinburgh Castle

Henry St & Blossom St Manchester M4 5AW


Tomahawk Steak House

Newcastle, 95 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DH

Tomahawk Ponteland

A696, Higham Dykes NE20 0DH

North Lincolnshire

Wintringham Fields

1 Silver St, Winteringham, Scunthorpe DN15 9ND


Wheatsheaf Hotel, 3 Holydyke, Barton-upon-Humber DN18 5PS

The Imaginarium

11 Market Place, Barton-Upon-Humber DN18 5DA

North Yorkshire

Tomahawk Steak Houses, Potto

Potto, Cooper Ln, Potto, Yarm DL6 3HQ

Tomahawk Steak Houses, Yarm

Yarm, 32-34 High St, Yarm TS15 9AH

Provenance Inns

The Punch Bowl, The Oak Tree, The Black Bull, The Cleavland Tontine, The Carpenters Arms, The Crown and Cushion, West Park Hotel

Tomahawk Steak Houses, Darlington

UNIT 6, Feethams, Darlington DL1 5RD

Tomahawk Steak Houses, Husthwaite

Low Street, Husthwaite, North Yorkshire YO61 4QA

The Old House by Shoot the Bull (York)

75 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HY

West Yorkshire


Victoria Gate, 3rd Floor Rooftop, Leeds LS2 7AU

Shoot the Bull Rotisserie and Grill KOMMUNE (Sheffield)

Kommune, Castle House, Angel St, Sheffield S3 8LS

The Headingly Farm Butcher

50A North Lane, Leeds LS6 3HU