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Wagyu meets Gin, with our premium new tipple WA-GYN. Born 'n' Bred on one of our Wagyu farms in Lancashire this spirit is an ultra-premium savoury gin which exudes quality and refinement, with a smooth yet luxurious mouthfeel from the fat washing. WA-GYN is ideal for sipping straight from chilled or relish as it comes alive with a splash of quality tonic water. 

No corners have been cut in pursuit with this 44% opulent dry Gin. Truly handcrafted, our new spirit has been washed with molten Wagyu fat for 48 hours before being triple filtered for bottling. With comforting umami aromas, juniper takes the lead, complimented with bright bursts of ruby grapefruit, lemon grass and warming pink peppercorn. 

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