The SMALL Wagyu Burger Box 4oz

Box Contains:

8 Wagyu Burger Packs, 4oz/114g x 4 in each pack - 32 Burgers total
Great Taste
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About our Wagyu Burger Box: They are prepared with 80vl, salt, and pepper, so that you can really taste that Wagyu flavour. These hand made 4oz burgers are a taste sensation and will be the talk at any BBQ you ever have. They are beautifully rich in flavour and will be perfect on their own or accompanied in a bun with garnish. These will truly be burgers you won't be forgetting any time soon. These wagyu burgers have recently been awarded the Great Taste 2019 seal of approval, so you don't have to take it just from us, these really are great burgers. So if you are looking to make a truly special burger, then make sure you invest in some award winning meat.

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Burgers: As stated above our burgers only have salt and pepper so that you can taste the rich wagyu flavour. We would suggest that you simply start cooking it in a pan - so that all the lovely flavour doesn’t escape. Cook so that they are heated through and serve with or without a bun and let the worlds best beef do the talking! All in all - now that will make one fantastic burger.

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Burger Ingredients: Salt and Pepper. We like to let the Wagyu beef take center stage.