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The Mixed Wagyu Burger Box

Box Contains:

8x 4oz burgers (2 packs of 4x 4oz)
8x 8oz burgers (4 packs of 2x 8oz)

- 16 burgers in total
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About our Mixed Wagyu Burger Box: This new burger box is perfect for those who love a range of burger sizes. With 8x 8oz burgers and 8x 4oz burgers, you can let your guests make their own choice. 

Our Wagyu Burgers are made using only three ingredients - 80vl mince, salt and pepper - ensuring the rich Wagyu flavour takes centre-stage. These handmade 4oz and 8oz burgers are a taste-sensation and will be the talk of any BBQ. They are beautifully rich in flavour and will be perfect on their own or accompanied in a bread bun with garnish. These Wagyu burgers have recently been awarded the Great Taste 2019 seal of approval, so you don't have to take it just from us, these really are award-winning!

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Burgers: We suggest cooking the burgers in a pan rather than grilling to encapsulate the flavoursome fat. Cook until heated through and serve with or without a bun - let 'The World's Best Beef' do the talking!

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Burger Ingredients: Salt and Pepper. We like to let the Wagyu Beef take centre stage.