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The BIG Wagyu Burger Box 8oz

Box Contains:

10 Wagyu Burger Packs, 8oz/227g x 2 in each pack - 20 Burgers total
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Box Contains:

10 Wagyu Burger Packs, 8oz/227g x 2 in each pack - 20 Burgers total

About our BIG Wagyu Burger Box: By incorporating the BIG Wagyu Burger Box, you can ensure that these 20x hand-made 8oz burgers are not only a taste sensation but also a memorable centerpiece at any BBQ gathering. Enjoy the delicious journey of savoring these flavorful and rich burgers!

The use of prime cuts, steak trimmings, and a simple yet effective seasoning of salt and pepper indicates a focus on letting the natural Wagyu flavour shine through. Hand pressing all 8oz burgers adds a personal touch, and the promise of a beautifully rich flavour suggests a delightful culinary experience.It's fantastic that these Wagyu burgers have received the Great Taste 2019 seal of approval, indicating their exceptional quality. Ideal for patry gatherings and BBQs, you can not go wrong! Enjoy your cooking, and savor the delicious Wagyu flavour! 

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Burgers: As stated above our burgers only have salt and pepper so that you can taste the rich wagyu flavour. We would suggest that you simply start cooking it in a pan - so that all the lovely flavour doesn’t escape. Cook so that they are heated through and serve with or without a bun and let the worlds best beef do the talking! All in all - now that will make one fantastic burger.

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Burger Ingredients: Salt and Pepper. We like to let the Wagyu beef take center stage.