The 'Quite Big' Box

Box Contains:

1kg Sirloin Whole
1kg Sirloin cut into 250g Steaks
1kg Ribeye cut into 250g steaks
1kg Fillet Centre Cut
1.5kg Rump cut into 250g steaks
2kg Rolled Brisket
3kg of Silverside or Topside
3 x 500g bags of Stewing
5 x 500g bags of Mince
2 packs of 4oz Burgers (10 burgers in total)
4 Whole Marrow Bones
1 x pot of 500g Wagyu Beef Dripping
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From Fillet to Burgers with everything in between we have you covered for a dinner party with your closest friends to a wholesome Sunday roast with the family. 

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