Wagyu Truffle Steak Burger

Wagyu Truffle Steak Burger

What you need:

1 x 6oz Wagyu Steak Burger
2 x slices of parmesan/ Italian hard cheese
1 x Brioche Bread Bun
2 tsp of mayo
1 x drizzle of truffle oil
1 x handful or rocket
2 x flat cap mushrooms.
1 x sprig of thyme
1 x clove of garlic
1 tsp of Wagyu Beef Dripping or splash of oil


  • 1.Add a frying pan to medium heat and toast off the bun. (Do not add any dripping or oil for this)
  • 2.Once the buns are toasted remove from the heat.
  • 3.In the same pan on a medium heat add the peeled mushroom with a splash of oil or wagyu beef dripping once cooking add the crushed garlic clove and sprig of thyme and cook all together until the mushroom is softened.
  • 4.Remove the mushroom and contents from the pan once cooked.
  • 5.In the same pan again cook your burger for 3 ½ minutes each side.
  • 6.When the burger is cooking, in a bowl add the mayo and truffle oil and mix.
  • 7.After 6 minutes of cooking add the cheese to the burger (if you have a frying pan with a lid place the lid over for a steamed finish to help melt the cheese)

Assemble your Burger

  • 1.On the bottom of the bun place a little bit of truffle mayo followed by the cooked mushroom and rocket salad.
  • 2.Now time for the burger topped with the parmesan cheese.
  • 3.Now add a generous dollop of truffle mayo and you are ready to serve.
  • 4.Enjoy.

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