Slow cooked Brisket Sandwich with a Celeriac Remoulade

Slow cooked Brisket Sandwich with a Celeriac Remoulade

What you Need:

1kg Brisket
1 bulb of garlic
sprig of thyme, rosemary & sage
1 x beef stock cube
2 x medium white onion
1 tsp ancho chilli flakes
1 tbs of Wagyu Beef Dripping or a glug of oil
Small Celeriac
1 tbs wholegrain mustard
1 tbs Hawkshead Hot Horseradish
1 x red chicory
1 x white chicory
1 tbs Bloody Mary Ketchup
pinch of salt and pepper
Rustic ciabatta bread buns x 4


  • 1.Pre heat the oven to 100 degrees.
  • 2.Remove the brisket from the packaging and season all over with salt and pepper, once seasoned add the Ancho Flakes.
  • 3.Heat your pan and add the dripping or oil.
  • 4.Add the brisket to the pan.
  • 5.Half the garlic bulb and half your onion and then add them face down to the pan.
  • 6.Turn the brisket so that it is browned on all sides
  • 7.Add the fresh herbs
  • 8.Crumble in the beef stock cube.
  • 9.Cover the brisket with water (added twist if you would rather use beer instead of water then that’s fine)
  • 10.Add the lid to the pot and place in the pre heated oven and cook for 6-8 hours until the beef is tender.

While the Brisket is cooking:

1. Peel the celeriac and grate.
2. Thinly slice the onion.
3. Break the chicory (red and white) into its leaves.
4. Mix 1 tbs of Hot Horseradish and tsp of Wholegrain Mustard with the celeriac and onion. Add a bit of mayo if needed to bind it together for the slaw.

Back to the Brisket:

  • 1.Once the Brisket is cooked, remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly.
  • 2.Drain off any excess fat from the top using a ladle.
  • 3.Lift the beef out of the pot and place on a chopping board.
  • 4.With the juices that are left in the pan, strain away all the vegetable chunks and leave the juices in a pan and reduce them down on a medium heat.
  • 5.Shred the brisket using 2 forks.
  • 6.Once the liquid is reduced place the shredded beef in the pan with it to coat the meat. (Serving suggestion add a splash of Henderson’s relish)


  • 1.Heat the buns in the oven for 2 minutes to warm them through.
  • 2.Slice the buns in half.
  • 3.Place the slaw on the bottom of the bun.
  • 4.On top of the slaw place the red and white chicory leaves.
  • 5.Top with a generous heap of the Brisket and Bloody Mary Ketchup.
  • 6.Add the top of the bun and serve.

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