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Alternative Wagyu BBQ Box

Box Contains:

Wagyu Kebab Chucks, 500g
4 Wagyu Burgers, 4oz/114g each
4 Wagyu Burgers, 8oz/227g each
4 Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks, 8oz/227g each
2 Wagyu Denver Steaks, 8oz/227g each
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About Our Alternative Wagyu BBQ Box: Our Alternative Wagyu BBQ box is perfect for those summer days. It comes with a selection of BBQ treats which will be a show stopper at any BBQ. 2 different sized Burgers, Kebab chunks and Flat Iron and Denver steaks make up the box and its enough to feed at least 8-10 people comfortably. This box is perfect for sharing with friends and family throughout the year.

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